Ordino is a small town and a Parish in Andorra and my favourite spot in the whole of this tiny adorable country. Owing to its beautiful structure and preserved history it is also the cultural capital of the country. It came highly recommended by a lot of fellow travellers and then the tourist office so we decided to dedicate one morning to visiting this beautiful city cum town cum village.

It’s quite easy to travel around on public transport in Andorra. We took L6 bus from the centre of Andorra la Vella and in 25-30 minutes. The bus runs every half hour from both directions. We reached Ordino passing through La Massana which is a relatively bigger city.

Despite planning on it we didn’t stop in La Massana because it seemed exactly like Pas de la Casa or Andorra Le Vella; same shops, same hotels and same facades, it was a smaller version of the other cities so we kept going towards Ordino.

The town starts with this beautiful twisty turny road and you start seeing the stone built houses and buildings.

Before going to Ordino I thought of ancient crumbling stone built houses with very narrow streets and some panoramic views here and there but I was proven wrong but it a refreshingly nice way. The town has a centre which has old style stone houses but most of the new buildings are modern albeit stone built but the real beauty lies inhow beautifully both sides have been merged with no clear boundary; an utter genius!!!

The Church of Ordino is located at the edge of old town made of stone in old style with a simple beautiful interior, we stayed there a bit and then when we came out we walked a few steps to the right and the views were just mind blowing, the whole valley just opened up with its green grassy, brown crumbling, snowy white and all other shades scattered around the expanse made even more beautiful by the contrast of sunlight and shade, heart warming stuff!!!

The town is quite small and you can easily finish it up and down in an hour but the views in all directions are so beautiful that we stopped every few minutes.

It was still early in the morning and we hungry so we headed to one of the few restaurants open at that time and ordered some hot chocolate and omelettes with bread and without exaggeration it was very delicious.

When you’re that high up the air is thin and it does something to your body, the water helps you digest more and quicker and the food tastes better though it must take longer to cook…
A few alleys down we reached the main road which had a small amphitheatre type place that is a mirador; a viewing platform with panoramic views that give you a chance to gaze at this beautiful valley up close and if you fancy you can walk all the way down to the stream through the stairs…

Whether you walk up or down, right or left, here or there, this small town will melt your heart with its views and modern simplicity mixed with ancient tradition.

After half a day we took the bus back to Andorra la Vella enjoying the views and the twisty roads taking you through this beautiful country…


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