Mykonos the gay heaven, we meet at last!


Mykonos Town at Sunrise…

Day 1

Santorini New Port –> Mykonos New Port –> Elysium Sunset Lounge

The ferry ride between Santorini and Mykonos is gorgeous if you can look outside (the windows are usually tinted to avoid the harsh sunlight), you will see sprawling islands, absolutely gorgeous little towns in white wash (The only politically correct white wash these days ;)) and crystal clear water in the colour of velvet sapphire. The journey would be epic on an open boat and if you don’t believe me read Odyssey..

Running around half naked in Croatia and Portugal didn’t give me enough time to book the accommodation for Mykonos and the prices went ridiculously high, seriously high. I finally found a neat little place right in the Mykonos town next to the Wind mills in Little Venice. The guy was super sweet and just appeared at the Port with my name at the time without me asking and brought me to the place which was small but functional. I wasn’t planning on staying indoors much any way…

There was no time to waste and I was crazy excited to watch the sunset on the famous Elysium Sunset lounge; the famous ‘Straight friendly’ hotel of Mykonos with its Cabaret performance. I unpacked, took out some vest and shorts, tooka  shower and made my way to Elysium. I met Nico there who I spoke to on Grindr not so long ago and I was so happy to have met this care free, adorable guy from LA and shared the sunset with me.

ow as much as I like being gay I just fundamentally disagree with the concept of Gay only crowd because of all the sexual tension, the attitude and the ridiculous materialistic attitudes that just spring up, mine included not to forget the gossiping and candid flirting and depression that comes when the other person doesn’t get it or doesn’t respond so I loved the sunset, liked the overpriced drinks, loved the company but as a gay hotel, it was a little much including the Cabaret. The artists were absolutely lovely, it just wasn’t my style. I would still recommend you go and watch the cabaret.

I woke up around 5am for some water and took the picture of the sun rising over Mykonos town, it was such a blessed moment…

Day 2

Mykonos Town –> Agia Anna Beach –> Spillia –>  Agrari Beach –> Elia Beach

I woke up starving and headed to the town to do some exploring and eating before heading to the beach. Mykonos has more than 40 beaches, one more gorgeous than other…

The town is a series of small streets cobbled and whitewashed intertwined and kept absolutely clea. The sharp blue colour for dorrs and windows and the bright flowers just make you feel like you’re in a fictional place…

The beaches are a good mix for everyone from round the clock parties to family beaches, nudist beaches to people willing to explore the wild side of Mykonos and its nature. The golden sand and transparent waters are common to all beaches but the south side beaches are more popular because they are protected from the famous Cyclades wind (relatively atleast!).

I decided to head to Agia Anna beach on the suggestion of my host because it is relatively farther than other beaches it is more peaceful with beautiful clear water.

Public Transport is a joke in Mykonos. You have two bus stations and buses to different areas of island go from different stations. The new station is outside town on a 15 min walk and the bus to Agia Anna beach goes from there and there is a difference of 2 hours between buses so plan ahead guys… Timetables are a bit weird and fares are different as well. I was sitting waiting for the bus when I started talking to Edo from Rome who was around and heading to the beach and we met to go together. Luckily for me, he had a quad bike which most of the people use on the island to travel around when they visit but you need a driving license to get one despite the warning on the bike about it being not suitable for children under 6. 😦

I felt a little stuck without public transport, no driving license but I think good looks and charm do work a little when you are on a gay island.. but seriously Edo was awesome and we headed to Agia Anna on the quad bike enjoying the breeze running through our bodies and chatting carelessly. Finally, after a turn, we saw the beautiful beach unravel before us. It just looked like a miracle. I honestly felt like running towards it while taking my clothes off but I was afraid Edo might think I was mad and run away so I controlled myself, besides we were still a little far. We parked the bike and went to the beach which was absolutely gorgeous and some splashing around and sunscreen later we just took a nap.

I woke up starving again (something in the air of Mykonos or too much excitement I guess!) and we headed to our second recommendation of the day; Spilia. The restaurant is in a cave and offers very fresh, delicious food at ridiculously high prices. Luckily we got a table without booking and a hefty, delicious and expensive lunch  (€100 each) later we decided to chill out on the same beach for an hour and then headed to the famous Elia beach.

Elia is famous as THE gay beach in Mykonos. It has two parts with the right side occupied by the gay crowd. Now we just drove there because we were a little short on time but you can drive to Agrari beach (no public transport to this beach) to spend some time there and then walk to Elia from there on top of the cliffs. You will have to ignore some people cruising or inviting you over though because it is a cruising area, unless you like sailing in those waters…


Elia Beach

Elia was gorgeous but full. The beach was overflowing a little to be honest but a Caipirinha later it became a bit more spacious and even more gorgeous ;). Finally it started getting a bit cold and we rode back to the town. It was all the water and running around that finally caught up with me and I decided to stay in that night and catch up with sleep, which did me wonders next day for it was time to head to Delos, the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis…

Day 3

Mykonos Old Town  –> Delos –> Platis Gialos Beach –> Mykonos Town

Finally the day comes to visit Delos; the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. The myth goes something like this..

Zeus being Zeus fell in love with Leto, the daughter of two Titans and after some playing around Leto got pregnant. Now they did have drama like the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in Greek mythology and Hera found out who’s the jealous wife of Zeus. She cursed Leto and her pregnancy that she wouldn’t be able to give birth on any land or island. She roamed around aimlessly heavy with pregnancy until the time was near. She preyed to Zeus for help (after all it was his sh*t as well) and he guided her to Delos which was considered neither land or island and was created by Poseidon; the god of sea.

Hera full of vengeance held her daughter Eilythia; the goddess of childbirth and forbade her from visiting Leto who lay there under the palm tree for 9 days in agony writhing from the labour pain and finally her daughter Artemis helped her in giving birth to Apollo. In other accounts Leto bribed Hera with a 9 ft. long scarf and she finally let Eilythia visit Leto.

So Delos has the honour of being the birthplace of two gods and it had a special place in ancient times for its special status. It was considered also because the granite on the island shone extra bright due to high concentration of silver and make it shine.

To get to Delos you need to get a tour for €20 without guide or €50 with a guide. I suggest getting the tour without guide because the guides on location only charge a tenner for the same service and its a tourist trap. The boat leaves from the Old port of Mykonos Town every hour till 12 and it takes roughly 20 minutes and you not only get to see Delos you also get some amazing views of Mykonos and its landscape from the sea.

We arrived finally and I joined a group for the tour with the guide who took us through the island with some history and the details of how the ancient people lived. It was an interesting tour but like any ancient site you have to use your imagination quite extensively, the pictures in the map also help. The pond where Leto gave bith is dry now but a small wall surrounds the area with some palm trees inside.

At the end of tour I left to see the famous lions of delos but the status out in open are replicas and the originals are housed in the museum which is a must visit. It houses most of the artefacts recovered from the ruins with some beautiful mosaics and tapestries. Around 1:30 pm I left back for Mykonos happy to have finally seen the beautiful island where Apollo was born.

Next stop was obviously the beach and this time the target was Plato Gialos beach which is absolutely serene. The bus to Platis Gialos leaves from the station inside the town and takes about 20 minutes to get there. The beach is sandy and crystal clear with its golden sand with aqua and sapphire blue waters. The whole morning seemed tiring just then and after a little snack I decided to take a nap that got extended to a 2 hours session and finally I woke up to find out I missed the boat that would take me to Super Paradise (around 5pm) so I headed back to Mykonos town for another sunset at Elysium.

Since I didn’t make it on time to Elysium I decided to stay by the Windmills to watch the sunset with lots of tourists. It was rather sweet to see so many people there and rather funny when everyone clapped when the sun went down finally.

The evening from Elysium was beautiful but something was missing today, I just felt really heavy hearted and travelling alone finally had its time to pull em down. Perhaps the fact that everyone was there with friends weighed me down and I just left the place to roam around the town and the empty beach and finally went for shisha at Remezzo which is a beautiful lounge overlooking the Aegean and night time Mykonos, some solace finally..

Day 4

Mykonos City bus station –> Super Paradise –> Jackie O Bar and club

My last day In Mykonos was somewhat sad because the holiday was coming to an end and it felt like saying goodbye to summer. The last nonetheless was one of the best. I got some breakfast and headed to the bus station in the city centre to head to Super Paradise and Jackie O. remember when I said the public transport is a joke? The shuttle to Super Paradise is €9 return vs. the standard €2.40 but it was comfortable and soon I arrived at Super Paradise. The first beach had some space but I walked on till I reached Jacie O but I was told the place was overbook and there was no spot, slightly disappointed I went to stay at Pinky each was was the same amount of fun just less expensive and branded. The third beach service was even cheaper but the sunbeds were not as nice.

I met Rafael and his friends from Brazil who were staying in the same place as me and I had a fun day chilling out and laughing with these care free Brazillian guys. Around 4is we headed to Jackie O for some drinks and chilled out by the pool and just before the sunset the Cabaret started. Enormous fun!

It was finally time to head home to get some rest, shower, eat and then head out to Jackie O bar/club in the town which is in Little Venice as well. The bar is quite compact and you do move between the other bar next door and this one quite frequently for a change of music just like a big club but somehow the music was boring tonight and we ended up walking around the labyrinth of Mykonos town going from bar to bar and the bar crawl finally got us tired at 4am to head home and get ready for a much dreaded flight (for me, Rafael and company were staying for 2 more days, oh the jealousy I felt !!!)

The crowd is quite varied but you will come across every type from muscle Mary’s to bears to queens but there is no judgement generally and you know how the cruising stuff works in clubs and bars, I sadly don’t but that’s why technology comes into play and all hail to Grindr, Scruff, Hornet and Tinder! 😉

The old town has a few bars and while some are very straight most places are quite mixed and people are generally quite open minded when it comes to hanging out with the gay crowd.

So Finally it was time to head home and the host being super nice went to drop me at the airport albeit quite early and I ended up spending time outside in a cafe eating Greek style omelette and with Feta cheese and Olives and cappuccino. The airport is quite small and seating is limited so I’d suggest arriving on time and spending more time in Mykonos than the airport…


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