Greeceeeee the land which gave us democracy, mythology, sciences, philosophy and Feta cheese. The last one is my absolute favourite…I finally set about to see the land of Zeus and Socrates this summer and boy was it amazing from Acropolis in Athens to sunsets in Oia, Santorini and the magnificent beaches and crazy parties in Mykonos. Greece has everything for everyone..

The Racism Factor 

People in Greece are quite used to foreigners and I didn’t have any issues at any point. People are really friendly and sweet generally throughout the country.

The Gay Factor 

Greece has a well established gay culture and Mykonos is famous for its gay beaches and homophobia is generally not prevalent in the country.

Value for Money 

Greece is a bit of contradiction when it comes to prices; Athens and mainland is quite cheap food, transport, partying wise and the islands quite expensive on the other hand in all respects. A trip of islands with a few days on the mainland should help with the budget..


Despite getting multiple suggestions to skip Athens, I decided to go for a couple of days and I am absolutely proud of my decision not to skip the city that might be in shambles now but it’s historical importance is undisputed.

I visited Athens for 2 days, Santorini for 3 and Mykonos for 4 days before heading back to London… The whole trip was a good mix of a city break, beach and party holiday and a history tour.


I planned my trip for Greece well in advance but got lazy about the accommodation which came to bite me in the ass because even 2 months in advance most of the places were gone and prices were rising fast especially for the islands. I have added some good areas to stay in each location on their pages but you definitely need to look at accommodation booking a few months in advance.


Who doesn’t like Greek food? Food in Greece is absolutely amazing. You can eat in good restaurants within reasonable budget. The regional specialities in Greek food give it quite a variety. I just ate a lot of feta cheese in salads and the souvlaki was amazing everywhere. You can have it in a wrap or as a meal. For islands you can have a lot of seafood which is a little expensive but it’s fresh and delicious.

Phone & Internet 

Internet is generally quite fast and free wifi is readily available on the mainland. Phone coverage is also fairly good but this changes when you get to the islands, the internet becomes slow and the phone coverage is a bit shody.

The best coverage offered is by Cosmote which is the biggest telecom company in Greece followed by Vodafone Greece. You need to go into a phone store to get a SIM card and don’t forget the ID which you need to get the SIM card. During summer you will get tourist packages and some data only SIM cards as well but while good, it’s still quite a hassle and not cheap by any measure. I used my own roaming to get around the hassle.

Cash & Cards 

Mainland Greece has easy access to Card machine usage and even Contactless payment is quite common. (I felt really cool using Apply Pay) but it is a bit of a hassle on the Islands and you should always keep cash on you. Most high end restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes have card payment options but cash is your best friend on islands but worry not there’s plenty of Cash machines around to withdraw money as well as currency conversion beaureus.


  • Pack plenty of sunscreen with you, ideally SPF 50+, you will need it everywhere.
  • Driving license is a must for Mykonos but public transport isn’t too bad in Santorini and Athens.






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