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About ME

This blog is about a brown gay guy travelling around the world trying to understand how it all comes together and makes him whole. It is love, prayer, respect, and all that matters in life for me and I want to share all my experiences with everyone else who wants to join the journey whether physically or just through my lens.

I work in an Investment Bank in London when I am not travelling. Despite being gay I like to keep a distance from Pride parades, drugs scenes and refuse to take shirtless pictures with muscly guys in clubs or on streets, it just isn’t my style and I believe it is perfectly fine to be obsessed with old churches, new mosques, castles and synagogues rather than clubs and gay festivals. I like seeing and experiencing the places they way they are and not the way I want them to be…

Is this blog for YOU?

Although there is information about gay venues and things, travelling is universal and if you like to get a well rounded view of any place, you can ignore the gay section and use the blog for general travel purposes. I add links to relevant informative websites and sources regularly to minimise the effort and get the most relevant information.

In the general country section, you will find general useful information including Racism and gay factors, how expensive a place is, where to stay and general tips that will save you time and help you plan a smooth journey..

How to decode this blog?

You can see the general country information, food, money and my two favourite gay and racism factors.

For city specific information and iteniraries check the individual city pages. This includes accommodation and nightlife details as well as suggestions for good food.

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Eat, Travel and be merry…



6 thoughts on “Traveller’s Life

  1. 😍😍😍 That’s really great … I love that you instagram posts are actually about the things one should look for in a new place, rather than posts about random shopping sprees, big burgers and weird signature poses with the landmarks .


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